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Pingo Adventure v0.2.2


v0.2.2 #

Update No.2(兔), for the Year of Rabbit!

This update is rather small compared to previous update, but graphics settings has been added to allow player to have more control over the performance of the game.

Besides, 0.2.2 has also fix all the critical bugs like deadlock when restarting game and character rotation delay in low framerate.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Changelog #


General #

  • Fix windowed mode flashing on startup, & Properly override project settings with override.cfg

Character #

  • Fix rotation delay persist in low FPS. Caused by input handled in idle frame instead of physics frame

UI #

  • Main Menu
    • Fix typo of “Setting” button
  • Settings
    • Add Graphics settings
      • Resolution scale
      • MSAA(anti-aliasing)
      • Shadow quality(Restart required)

Game #

  • General
    • Fix restart cause the whole game stuck
      • Cache loaded game level. Replay, restart or continue level is faster now since the loaded level will be cached.
      • Fix level title on top of pause screen