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Pingo Adventure v0.2.3


v0.2.3 #

Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster!

Loading is much faster in 0.2.3 with the better background loading and circular loading icon will be shown whenever loading in background.

Pick up animation is made faster for smoother control, while lifting animation is enhanced so that item jiggling as Pingo move or jump around.

Load screen has been redesigned to show loading progress and UI’s texture aliasing has been fixed, along with many more improvements in QOL.

Would you like to contribute to the development of Pingo Adventure?

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Changelog #


General #

  • Improve background loading
  • Remove unwanted data from

Character #

  • Enhance pick up animation
    • Shorten pick up animation
    • Allow moving while picking things up
    • Add “smashing” hint for pulling item
  • Enhance lifting animation
    • Fix item intersecting Pingo or too far away
    • Lifted item jiggling as Pingo move
    • Automatically drop out of range item

UI #

  • General
    • Add circular load icon whenever loading in the background
    • Fix UI texture aliasing
    • Exiting game should return to level select instead of main menu
    • Fix level title overlaying load screen
  • Level Select
    • Always revert to last selection
    • Varying photo frame color for different type of level: white(normal), blue(mini game) and red(boss)
  • Load Screen
    • Support showing loading progress
  • Pause Screen
    • Fix life and coin counter blocked by pause menu
  • Settings
    • Fix screen resolution always scaled down even maxing resolution
    • Fix window size altered on settings shows up
    • Fix window doesn’t stay in place when switching between full screen and window mode
    • Fix full screen not properly initialized
    • Enhance highlights on focused option

Game #

  • Level 1
    • Reduce emission of waterfall particles by half

Optimization #

  • Tune shader cache size