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Pingo Adventure v0.2.5


v0.2.5 #

Better controller support and More Bugfix

In 0.2.5, we are back to resolving the basics issues like making clearer instructions for tutorial level, automatically resetting puzzle when the pieces are missing, adding input hint for shaking piranha off, etc…

Many of the weirds controller bugs have been fixed, like controller not recognized, double input etc… Even the Steam Deck has better support! Memory management has been improved to avoid crashing in device with limited memory like Steam Deck. However, there’s a known double input bug when using external controller with Steam Deck. The double input is caused by Steam Input, so current workaround would be turning it off.

This update may not have much exciting new content, but with the new Gallery screen, you can now view all your screenshots directly in the game!

Gallery Showcase

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Changelog #


General #

  • Fix it failed to load resource files with relative path properly when executed from another directory
  • Fix prefs is saved at “current directory” instead of executable directory
  • Set app Icon

Character #

  • Add Space bar as alternate jump button
  • Enhance pull animation
  • Enhance auto ungrab when item out of range

UI #

  • General
    • Fix tilling pattern not infinite
    • Fix tilling pattern doesn’t clipped by round corner
  • Confirmation Popup
    • Make “Yes” as the default selection on popups when selecting level
  • Setting
    • Enhance Settings in high res screen
  • Pause Menu
    • Enhance Pause Menu in high res screen
  • Continue Screen
    • Add input hint
  • Gallery
    • Show all screenshots
  • Game Score
    • Fix Game Score doesn’t popup from center

Game #

  • General
    • Properly disable input during screen transitioning
    • Enhance Checkpoint collider
  • Tutorial Level
    • Better instruction
  • Intro Level
    • Reset position interactive cube brick if it drops out of range
  • Level 1
    • Fix piranha shifted away on attached
    • Input hint for “Shake it off”
    • Fix analog can’t shake piranha off(analog is much slower than D-pad)
    • Fix water bubble bgm keeps playing after resume from pause screen

Optimization #

  • Enhance memory management

Misc #

  • Fix game stuck after confirming prompt to quit in Linux
  • Steam Deck
    • Fix crash after game over, caused by memory overload
  • Controller
    • Fix only controller at index 0 is recognized
    • Fix controller analog double input
    • Fix “Back” executed multiple time with controller