Pingo Adventure is a cute 3D platformer with interesting physics simulation. Follow Pingo to explore the world, solve puzzles, play mini games and even customize your Pingo with the costumes unlocked from the adventures!




  • Physics Simulation - Immerse in the physics simulated cute world with jiggly plants, bouncy bridge, springy rope and more...
  • Puzzles - Solving puzzles designed for the physics simulated environment
  • Camera Mode - Capture the cute moments of your adventures from different angles
  • Mini Games - Collect replayable mini games from adventures
  • Character Customization - Customize your own Pingo with various costumes that you can unlock from the adventures





Selected Articles

  • Inspired by the engaging adventures of Captain Toad in the Super Mario spin-off series, the fun Nintendo vibes from this title will surely attract both nostalgic gamers and casual newcomers alike.
    Kenzie, Virtual SEA
  • Set in a cutesy, toy-like world, Pingo Adventure is a 3D platformer that promises a variety of interesting physics-based mechanics.
    Dale Bashir, IGN SEA
  • It's a fun looking game that hearkens back to the glory days of the 3D platformer and infuses it with a welcome dose of physics-based chaos.
    KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer

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