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Pingo Adventure v0.2.1


v0.2.1 #

First update for the Closed Beta! Yay!

0.2.1 is about fixing the basic stuff and ensure a better gameplay experience, while eliminating all the annoying bits, like floaty character movement, unable to switch between keyboard and controller in game, UI not compatible with controller analog, etc…

In short, this update focus on fixing stuff and there’s no changes made to the content(game level) yet.


Would you like to contribute to the development of Pingo Adventure?

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Changelog #


General #

  • Splitting game into multiple pack files at resources/, so that future update won’t required to download the whole game.
  • Fix long loading on game started. Game resources are now loaded on demand instead of loading all of them on startup.
  • Fix device recognition. Both keyboard and controller can be swapped seamlessly, regardless of the device that “press start” in start screen.

Character #

  • Instantaneous turn.
  • Snappier movement. Shorten the time taken to move from stationary to max speed.
  • Fix a weird thrust when jumping while moving.
  • Support fine control to jump. Jump height can be control through duration of button press.

Camera #

  • Invert camera rotation input.
  • Camera rotate around character. This is still a work in progress, so you might noticed a sudden movement when rotating camera.

UI #

  • General
    • Input hint automatically adapt the device type(keyboard & controller), based on the device of last input.
    • Fix hint for L1 & R1.
    • Fix controller analog unable to select.
    • Enhance confirmation popup.
  • Customization
    • Move pointer to color select after “Reset” button pressed.
  • Game Score
    • Fix pressing ESC key cause the game stuck.
  • Settings
    • Fix full screen preference is not saved or loaded.
  • Game Over
    • Main BGM doesn’t stop after select continue.
    • Fix controller analog unable to select.
    • Highlight selection with light.

Game #

  • General
    • Set a more complicate input for suicide. Press “Ctrl + Alt + Space” to suicide.
    • Fix Double “Oh no” SFX after used up lives